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Are You A Coach, Consultant Or Service Provider In Need Of New High Ticket Clients?

If So, For The Next 48 Hours, My Good Friend Extus Justin Is Giving Away One Of His Best Selling Programs: "The Coaching & Consulting Income Firestarter” a $997 Value For Free

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Here's What You'll Learn In This High Value Coaching Program: 

In Module #1 You’ll Learn:

How to get clear on where you currently are in your business and help you create a compelling vision of where you'd like to be.  

That way, you'll know with 100% certainty what the next step you'll need to take to scale your Coaching/ Consulting business to the 6 & 7 figure level faste.

How to define who your ideal client is. When you've gotten clear on who your ideal clients are, it becomes easy to attract them. You'll know exactly where to go, what to do and what to say to attract them. 

You'll know how to speak their language As a result, you be able to attract more clients in a more consistent and predictable manner and earn a higher, more consistent income in the quickest timeframe possibles.

In Module #2 You’ll Learn:

How to create your "High TIcket Offer", set your prices and map out your service delivery. That way, you'll have a clear idea of what you'll be offering to your clients and the investment. 

As a result, you'll know exactly what to say to get prospects to buy and become your "high ticket" clients. 

So because you've completed module #1, you should have already established where you'd like to be financially. And in this module, module #2... .

..I'll show you how to figure out what it is that you'll need to offer to prospects so that they can pay you and so that you can effortlessly hit your coaching and consulting income goals

In Module #3 Of The Training:

Extus will show you how to get clear on how much you'd like to earn from your business per month/ per year. That way, you can rest assured that you will hit your income goals easily and without much struggle.  

He'll will also show you the biggest misconception about succeeding as a coach, consultant or service provider. If you've already fallen victim of this trap, there's absolutely no hope that you will be able to grow a successful Coaching/ Consulting practice.

And finally, In Module #4 Of The Training:

Extus will show you the 3 critical factors needed for success as a Coach, Consultant or Service Provider. (If you want to effortlessly scale your business to the 6 & 7 figure level, you must develop these 3 areas. 

He'll show you how he's currently generating 7 figures inside of his Coaching/ Consulting Business. (He'll pull back the curtains and show you all of the automated systems he has inside of his business that makes client attraction and enrollment a walk in the park)

He'll also show you exactly where he goes and exactly what he says to attract a flood of new high ticket clients to his business every single month without fail

Extus Justin 7 Figure Consultant 

About Extus Justin

Extus is a former sergeant of the U.S. Marine Corps and native of St. Lucia, now residing in the U.S.  

He teaches coaches and consultants how to systemize their client attraction and conversion funnels to bring in more predictable revenue (and better clients).  

He manages two of the most active and engaged social media communities for coaches, consultants and service providers. 

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